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Have you ever wondered...  What are the highest paying keywords at Google's AdSense or Overture's Pay Per Click ad search engine.  What if there was a list of the most expensive keywords?  Would you buy them?  No Need, Really!  Just use these links (below) and search the forums for list upon list of the most searched for and highest priced keyword.

Most Expensive Keywords

You can buy a list of keywords that will make you the most money.  But why not just search our links and find them for FREE?  We have thousands of resources.  Use them now to find the best keywords to target to get more traffic and more money!

  • Highest paying keywords on Adsense
    Digital Point Forums > Search Engines > Google > AdSense > Highest paying keywords on Adsense. PDA.
  • Highest paying keywords on Adsense
    Highest paying keywords on Adsense. Does anyone know the highest payong keywords on adsense. high paying keywords. In regard to the high paying keywords.
  • Highest Paying Keywords
    Google AdSense. This 15 message thread spans 2 pages: ( [1] 2 )  Highest Paying Keywords. which r the highest paying keywords. or which topics?
  • Highest Paying Keywords
    Highest Paying Keywords. Freedom Full Member view member profile joined-Apr 11, 2004 posts:300 msg #:11, 9:21 am on Oct 6, 2004 (utc 0).
  • Updated Highest Paying Keywords - Discussion
    AdSense Forum Home Updated Highest Paying Keywords.  Ban, PostPosted: November 14, 2004 06:13 AM, I found the updated list of Highest Paying keywords in yahoouk.
  • 100+ Highest Paying Keywords - Discussion
    AdSense Forum Home 100+ Highest Paying Keywords. Keep track of this discussion by subscribing to the RSS feed for this discussion thread. Author, Message. Kevin_60
  • Keywords - FREE!
    High Paying Keywords is a compilation of 3,600 keyword phrases with the highest bids in Overture, providing a guide to the most profitable niches to target
  • You Have to Target High Paying Keywords
    You Have to Target High Paying Keywords. Posted By: Barry Stein Sunday, 23 January 2005, at 1:32 pm.  The secret is you have to target the high paying keywords.
  • Not really
    In that situation it is going to be hard to target high paying keywords unless there are some that deal with dogs, but I don't think there are.
  • Is it possbile to know the overall highest paying PPC words?
    keywords for Google Adwords? Thanks (Copy Shortcut). 1Lit.com. Joined: Mar 25, 2002. # Posts: 21. top paying, but they pay much more on other PPCs like Overture.
  • List of highly bid for keywords Overture
    Is there any website where I can find a list of keywords or terms They tend to put the common, high paying terms on the front page and in more obvious locations
  • Web Design : Seo Forum - Highest paying ads
    complete the URL So if we can generate a page for the most paying keywords, we have automatically the highest payed ads displayed on it.


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