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When you have built your own website, you know you have accomplished an important step on your road to success.  A website is your storefront on the internet.  It invites your friends, neighbors and, of course, customers into your environment.  Hopefully your navigation will guide your visitors through your site in an easy manner.  Maybe a few well placed graphics and bulleted lists to make the eye pop a bit.  But...  have you optimized your website?  Is it prepared to offer the search engines what they need to see in order to decide that your site should be listed above 2 billion others?

Getting more traffic!

It takes work. A LOT of work to get good search engine listings to drive your sales. Getting traffic is easy. BUT...  it does take patience and a long term commitment to GETTING that traffic coming in a steady flow to your website.

  • Your statistics must be monitored constantly and your site (s) constantly updated to reflect optimization towards the "actual" search phrases that people are using to find your site.

  • You will need to monitor listings in the search engines in search of websites who steal your content which end up getting your listings penalized.

  • There will need to be an organized link gathering initiative.  Not just reciprocal links but also some one way links.  You will need to have more than one site to set this up but it is not impossible.  Believe me!

  • You also have got to...

Of course, there are a ton of other little things like this.  We'll help you learn them.

  • Make up your mind to work a few long hours per week.

  • Make up your mind to learn some more about this subject of SEO every week.

  • Make up your mind to start thinking of everything in terms of keywords and you will be ready to begin using this site. ;-)

Let our site WORLDWIDE TRAFFIC help you to drive a horde of visitors to your web site.

Start with the links on the right and then delve into the links below.  We have categorized thousands of useful links and we hope that you find them to be a convenient resource as you need to learn more and more about web design and search engine optimization. SEO is the key to making money on the internet.



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